Hi everyone.

I hope you have all had a nice year so far. We have been a little quiet since changing the postage to £3 instead of it being free. It means that everyone who is requesting a box is genuine as we had a lot of returned boxes. At least 10% of boxes that were sent out got returned undelivered. So this is just our way of making sure that people who are requesting them are serious about needing one and not just looking for something for free.

We finally have our insulation put in the shed and electricity. We also have all the units and drawers etc put in too. It is starting to look good.

We hope everyone is staying in good health and are here if you need us.

Thanks x


Postage and Packaging

Hi all.

I hope your New-Year has been good so far. I can’t believe it is nearly the end of January already.

I write today of some sad news. Over the past few months we have sent out a lot of boxes and these are completely free to anyone who fits the criteria, however there is a figure of 10% of all boxes sent will be returned to us undelivered. This is wasting quite some amount of our funds. This helps us identify the genuine people and the people who just want something for free.

Please only request a box if you are willing to pay the P&P.

Take Care

LBOD Project Manager

New Year, New Proposals

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good time over the holiday period. We had a good time here and we are back with a boom this year with some new proposals.

For a few months now i have been attending a harp therapy group at a local non-profit organisation which i am really enjoying. I have been learning to play and have even bought my own harpsicle. I upload videos to my facebook and instagram regularly and my friends and family have seen how much of a positive impact this has had on me. I have had some interest from people local to ayrshire who would be interested in learning to play the harp for therapeutic reasons. This is something i would like to look into as these people do not fit the criteria to attend the non-profit organisation which is providing me with the lessons.
I have been in contact with a harp tutor who is interested in helping anyone learn the harp. We would like to guague interest in this so if you are interested in attending harp lessons please contact me via e-mail at If i get some real interest i will start looking into funding.

We were at our local morrisons last week and set up for a can collection. We raised over £165. Not bad for a few hours standing about.

We are still looking for donations you can donate at

Take care

Coffee & Craft Afternoon

On Saturday the 2nd of December our Trustee Karen organised and ran a Coffee & Crafts Afternoon at her home and invited Family and Friends round for a hot drink and held a stall with lots of lovely gift baskets and items that she had made and other people donated. Even Karens Grandson made chocolates and bagged them up for sale. They tasted great. Karens Friend made and donated boxes of Scottish Tablet which sold really quick and were also very yummy.

We received £302 from the day and we have a raffle which is currently at Domenico’s Fish and Chip Shop in Stevenston where Karens Friend Lilian is the manageress. We hope to raise a good amount with that too. It will be drawn on the 22nd of December.

2017-12-02 13.05.39

If you would like a raffle ticket they are 50p for a strip and it can be paypalled to me but please contact me first on our facebook page.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. We will be back again in 2018 sending boxes to those in need.

Cream of Ayrshire Results

So tonight we attended the West Sound and West Fm Cream of Ayrshire awards. We were nominated in the “Best Local Charity” category.

It was an amazing night at the Park Hotel in Kilmarnock and we are so pleased that we are a runner up. We didnt win the category but to just have been nominated and become runner up is a massive achievement in itself. We got lots of promotional goodies and a Silver plate to show how well we done.

Better luck for us to even get that far next year. I was so proud  and pleased to tell people about what i do.

Thanks to my wife and trustee Shelley for being by my side.

Vote for Us

cream of ayrshire

Hi Everyone

We have been voted and got through to the finals of our local radio stations “Cream of Ayrshire Awards” for “The Best Local Charity”. How cool is that? but we need your votes to win. We are one of 3 charities in the final and is by far one of the biggest achievements in the 2 short years we have been running our charity.

Please please vote for us between Friday 22nd and Sunday 24th of September at the following page:



Donations Needed

Hi Everyone, i hope you are all well.

Lately i have been extremely busy and the poor charity has suffered a little. I am back on my feet now and can get on with running this thing 🙂

I have organised a ladies night at Taylors in Kilwinning, Ayrshire on 18th of November. We nearly have entertainment secured. It includes a 3 course meal, 1 drink and some goodies.

I am in the process of trying to close down the drop in centre that we had running. We have until November to remove everything so arranging all that is taking some time.

We are in desparate need of donations so if you can donate or run a fundraiser it would be absolutely amazing and help so much. You can donate at the link on the top of the page.

We hopefully have a group going to run at the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2018. There is a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. If you are interested in running for us you will get a running vest, a medal on completion and LBOD goodies! please let me know if you are interested in running.

Still Going

Hi everyone,

Honestly we are still going. It has been a tough couple of months with so much to do including getting married and trying to set up the shed with the boxes ready to post out quickly we are FINALLY back on track.

We just want to apologise for the lack of updates we have had but we are still here.

We are holding a ladies night in Kilwinning Ayrshire at Taylors on the 18th of November, it will be £35 per person and this includes 3 course meal, 1 drink, favours, entertainment and the rest will go to the charity. We are really looking forward to it. if you would like to buy tickets please go to the link below.

Keep smiling

Tickets HERE

New Shed Arrived


We took delivery of our new shed today. It is a 9×7 ft shed. This means we can get boxes sent out a lot quicker than we currently can with our office being in a different town. I will be glad to get the keys back to the council for the old office as there has been a lot of unsafe behaviour in the area around the office. Behaviour which includes several cars being tipped onto their roofs through the night and people being caught with drugs and weapons. This just is not a safe environment for us. In light of these events we bought the shed. Sadly we still have to pay rent in the office until November but this has been paid off and we will vacate well before that.

We have had a steady amount of requests coming in which is enough for me to cope with. Please remember i do most of this myself. We don’t seem to have a high turn around of people donating though. If you would like to hold a fundraiser for us it would be appreciated. Please get in touch.

If you would like to donate please do so by texting “LBOD17 £(amount)” to 70070


Click HERE


Hi everyone, I first must apologise for the delay in any boxes being sent. They are all currently on our premises which we just havnt had the time to even go near. Things have been so busy and we just havnt had the time to get it all done.

After this weekend i should be pretty free to go ahead and get my head stuck back into the charity. It hasnt helped that our internet has been so tempramental and it hasnt been working for days at a time. I warned them if it does it again i am cancelling. Well seen it has worked since.

So anyway yet again we apologise for the delay in getting boxes to people. We will try and get it organised to start again next week.