Donations Needed

Hi Everyone, i hope you are all well.

Lately i have been extremely busy and the poor charity has suffered a little. I am back on my feet now and can get on with running this thing 🙂

I have organised a ladies night at Taylors in Kilwinning, Ayrshire on 18th of November. We nearly have entertainment secured. It includes a 3 course meal, 1 drink and some goodies.

I am in the process of trying to close down the drop in centre that we had running. We have until November to remove everything so arranging all that is taking some time.

We are in desparate need of donations so if you can donate or run a fundraiser it would be absolutely amazing and help so much. You can donate at the link on the top of the page.

We hopefully have a group going to run at the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2018. There is a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. If you are interested in running for us you will get a running vest, a medal on completion and LBOD goodies! please let me know if you are interested in running.

Still Going

Hi everyone,

Honestly we are still going. It has been a tough couple of months with so much to do including getting married and trying to set up the shed with the boxes ready to post out quickly we are FINALLY back on track.

We just want to apologise for the lack of updates we have had but we are still here.

We are holding a ladies night in Kilwinning Ayrshire at Taylors on the 18th of November, it will be £35 per person and this includes 3 course meal, 1 drink, favours, entertainment and the rest will go to the charity. We are really looking forward to it. if you would like to buy tickets please go to the link below.

Keep smiling

Tickets HERE

New Shed Arrived


We took delivery of our new shed today. It is a 9×7 ft shed. This means we can get boxes sent out a lot quicker than we currently can with our office being in a different town. I will be glad to get the keys back to the council for the old office as there has been a lot of unsafe behaviour in the area around the office. Behaviour which includes several cars being tipped onto their roofs through the night and people being caught with drugs and weapons. This just is not a safe environment for us. In light of these events we bought the shed. Sadly we still have to pay rent in the office until November but this has been paid off and we will vacate well before that.

We have had a steady amount of requests coming in which is enough for me to cope with. Please remember i do most of this myself. We don’t seem to have a high turn around of people donating though. If you would like to hold a fundraiser for us it would be appreciated. Please get in touch.

If you would like to donate please do so by texting “LBOD17 £(amount)” to 70070


Click HERE


Hi everyone, I first must apologise for the delay in any boxes being sent. They are all currently on our premises which we just havnt had the time to even go near. Things have been so busy and we just havnt had the time to get it all done.

After this weekend i should be pretty free to go ahead and get my head stuck back into the charity. It hasnt helped that our internet has been so tempramental and it hasnt been working for days at a time. I warned them if it does it again i am cancelling. Well seen it has worked since.

So anyway yet again we apologise for the delay in getting boxes to people. We will try and get it organised to start again next week.

Box Entitlement Survey

Hi everyone. I am writing to let you all know that we have had to switch our survey over from a paid survey site to a free survey site. As all the information was on the paid survey site and it is now inactive we cannot view the box requests people have sent us.

We have to apologise for any inconvenience. I do still have some labels printed off that will be sent out but i have lost all the other ones. If you would still like a box and dont have one yet could you please fill out the new entitlement survey (This will go active on the 1st of May). You can find it on the bar at the top.

Again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Saying Goodbye

Hi everyone, i hope you are all well.

Due to a lot of unforseen circumstances we are having to permanantly close our drop in centre in Ayrshire. There are things outwith my control and after our staff meeting this evening our next steps have been decided.

We are going to operate from a garden building which we will purchase and we will go back to being a postal service. We hope to get our boxes and one to one services into schools in the local area and also continue to work with charities and organisations within the UK.

We will continue to run our Text Care Service.

Please continue to tag friends and family and invite them to like our page. we arent going anywhere. The boxes are still being made and sent as this service is in high demand and by having the items at home we can run the charity more efficiently and have a faster turn over.

Family Bereavement

On Friday 10th of March sadly we lost an amazing Nana. Our charity has been sort of on the back burner for a few weeks so i would like to take this time to apologise to everyone. I have tried to run the charity as efficiently as possible. I have the last load of boxes about ready to send and will be sent on Monday.

I will miss my Nana with all my heart. Her funeral was yesterday and we had a donation tub for The Little Box of Distractions at the door on the way out. We raised a total of £186.40 but someone has donated the extra £13.60 to make it up to £200.

So until we meet again Nana, Rest in Peace xxx

Nanas Funeral Total

Self Harm Awareness Day

Hi Everyone.

Today, as always on the 1st of March it is Self-Injury Awareness Day. This is a day that is close to my heart and always sees me raise some form of awareness for.


Our box requests have been through the roof and at the moment we cant keep up with them due to funds but our YPI money is in the bank waiting to clear so i am hoping as soon as it clears (possibly tomorrow 2nd of march) i can start getting boxes sent away every day to clear the back log that we have. So we apologise if you havnt received your box yet and to please bare with us. We can only send 8 at a time so it might take a week or so to clear the requests. If you havnt received your box by the end of March please contact us.


Lack of Interest

Recently Shelley and I have been attending the Drop-In Centre every monday for between 4 and 6 hours. Since we opened in December We have only had 2 people use our service. One came every week for around 30 minutes and the other came for a few weeks but stayed for a few hours. Now for the past 2 weeks there has been no-one. We set this up so that we could help people that needed it and the demand and interest was pretty high.

We have decided to call a halt on our drop in for the moment and gather names of people who are interested in attending before we waste any more time along at the centre when we could be out and about advertising our centre.

So for now if you are interested in coming along to the drop in centre please send us a message on facebook or send us an email to We hope to get at least 6 names before we re-open the drop in again.

We got fed up with people saying they needed our service and saying they would come and then would never show. We understand it is a drop in service and not everyone needs to come every week but when we are giving up nearly 6 hours of our time on a monday to sit and twiddle our fingers it gets a little disheartening. Especially when people say “i promise ill be there next week” we have given people the benefit of the doubt for 3 months now. We will only be re-opening when we need to.


Well Done Girls


This post goes out to 4 amazing S3 pupils at Ardrossan Academy. Nicole Giffney, Megan Henderson, Chantelle Chapman and Nina Mitchell gave a great presentation at the Academies YPI event. We were one of 12 local causes that some of the pupils picked to do a presentation on. This was narrowed down to 6. The 6 local causes were invited to a presentation evening where the pupils had to present to a judging panel their cause and why their cause should win the £3000 prize money.

The girls were very professional and presented themselves in a very professional manner. Their presentation and video were done to a high standard and was the kind of presentation i would be happy to use in future. The girls spoke passionately about who we were and what we do and answered the questions asked with confidence. I am extremely proud of these girls and hope they understand how much we appreciate their work and effort.

The presentations from the other groups were great too but i am biased and think our girls done the best. Well ofcourse they were the best because they actually WON the money for us. i dont think there was a dry eye between the 4 girls, myself, Shelley and Karen (the charities other trustees).

This means we can pay 1 years rent on our drop in premises as well as make and send over 300 more boxes. We hope to go into schools as peer support workers in the future and are looking forward to working alongside the school in any way we can.

I will say it again. Well done Girls.