Over the past 2 years our boxes have become very popular and as the demand is high and the different needs of individuals is unique we have 2 boxes and a bag which you can now choose from. This is to prevent waste and reduce the cost of each box.

People have been asking for boxes for people with specific needs which means there are things in the box which arent suitable for everyone. As all of our boxes are made up beforehand we have decided that we would create these different selections that can also be made beforehand.

You can now choose between the three following:

Fidget Box – Fidget Spinner, Stretchy Critter, Puzzles, Wordsearches, Colouring book, Coloured Pencils, Waterbeads, Fun Snaps, Bouncy Ball, Loom Bands and more.

2017-11-08 13.25.38

Chill Box – Notepad and Pencil, Stress Ball, Candle, Hot Chocolate, Tea-bag, Relaxation CD, Waterbeads, Soap, Loom Bands, Vanity Kit, Wordsearches and more.

2017-11-08 13.23.50

Self-Soothe Bag – Candles, Hot Chocolate, Tea-Bag, Waterbeads, Soap, Shower Gel, Vanity Kit, Lip Balm, Chocolate and more.

2017-10-11 18.41.54

Full Box – If you would like a full box with everything in it you must donate £10 to our cause and send us a message by email or facebook.

Our boxes are free however due to a high percentage of boxes being returned undelivered we now require that £3 be paid to cover Postage and Packaging.

WARNING – Please do not give the Fun Snaps to children

Please note that we will try our hardest to match what is on the list. we may have to vary the contents ever so slightly but you will still receive your box.

To donate please click on the donate tab on the menu above or click HERE