Other Distraction Ideas

Here you can find links to usefull things to help distract you.

You can find colouring pages at the following link. HERE

If you find writing helpfull why not type something either into a Blog or onto this website which is called Write to Recovery. It is a website where people can express their emotions in words. All posts are moderated before being posted onto the site. Click Here to go to the site.

I enjoy doing music therapy where i write the date, time started, time finished and songs i listened to on the back of a piece of paper then on the front i write, draw, doodle and colour while listening to the music and then i scan and upload the doodle to my personal facebook page. This can be a good idea and normall i find it distracts me for around 90 minutes. Click the link below to go to my album of music therapy doodles.

Music Therapy