Lack of Interest

Recently Shelley and I have been attending the Drop-In Centre every monday for between 4 and 6 hours. Since we opened in December We have only had 2 people use our service. One came every week for around 30 minutes and the other came for a few weeks but stayed for a few hours. Now for the past 2 weeks there has been no-one. We set this up so that we could help people that needed it and the demand and interest was pretty high.

We have decided to call a halt on our drop in for the moment and gather names of people who are interested in attending before we waste any more time along at the centre when we could be out and about advertising our centre.

So for now if you are interested in coming along to the drop in centre please send us a message on facebook or send us an email to We hope to get at least 6 names before we re-open the drop in again.

We got fed up with people saying they needed our service and saying they would come and then would never show. We understand it is a drop in service and not everyone needs to come every week but when we are giving up nearly 6 hours of our time on a monday to sit and twiddle our fingers it gets a little disheartening. Especially when people say “i promise ill be there next week” we have given people the benefit of the doubt for 3 months now. We will only be re-opening when we need to.



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