Well Done Girls


This post goes out to 4 amazing S3 pupils at Ardrossan Academy. Nicole Giffney, Megan Henderson, Chantelle Chapman and Nina Mitchell gave a great presentation at the Academies YPI event. We were one of 12 local causes that some of the pupils picked to do a presentation on. This was narrowed down to 6. The 6 local causes were invited to a presentation evening where the pupils had to present to a judging panel their cause and why their cause should win the £3000 prize money.

The girls were very professional and presented themselves in a very professional manner. Their presentation and video were done to a high standard and was the kind of presentation i would be happy to use in future. The girls spoke passionately about who we were and what we do and answered the questions asked with confidence. I am extremely proud of these girls and hope they understand how much we appreciate their work and effort.

The presentations from the other groups were great too but i am biased and think our girls done the best. Well ofcourse they were the best because they actually WON the money for us. i dont think there was a dry eye between the 4 girls, myself, Shelley and Karen (the charities other trustees).

This means we can pay 1 years rent on our drop in premises as well as make and send over 300 more boxes. We hope to go into schools as peer support workers in the future and are looking forward to working alongside the school in any way we can.

I will say it again. Well done Girls.



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