British Sign Language

A week ago i started learning British Sign Language. I help out at a special needs school providing the girls with a Brownie Unit where they can earn badges and do their promise. It started with learning to sign the Brownie Promise. I have a friend who has a deaf child and she has a level 6 BSL qualification and takes an introduction to BSL locally. So i joined. In 5 hours i have been able to learn the alphabet, numbers, colours, basic who, what, when, where, why and how and being able to ask other people their name, age, favourite colour and a colour they didnt like.

The problem many people have the BSL is that once they have learnt it, they dont need it, use it or practice it so they forget very easily. im sure you all learnt a language for years in school and can still only say “hello”, “good bye” and “shut up”.

I have been thinking about starting a BSL practice maybe twice a month at our drop in centre in Bourtreehill Ayrshire. Just where people can come along and practice using their signs so that they dont forget.

If you would be interested in coming please send me an email to:



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