This month has been full of YPI, “what does this mean i hear you ask?”. i have ABSOLUTELY no idea! As far as i am aware it is something that the local schools do as a subject/project where they go into groups, pick a local charity and enter this charity into some form of presentation. The children (academy aged) then have to present their chosen charity and why they think they are deserving of the £3,000 cash prize (i forgot to tell you that bit). The groups then get narrowed down to the 6 best causes who then have to do ANOTHER presentation but this time infront of the people whos charity they are representing and the other charities too.

Last year a group of lovely girls from Ardrossan Academy sent us an email asking if we would allow us to put forward our charity. ovcourse i jumped at the chance of the prize money and also the chance of getting our name out there more. We provided all the details we needed and left it in the girls capable hands. Months went by and we thought nothing else of it until we got an email about a week a go from the girls stating that they had got into the final part of the project and would we like to attend on the 2nd of February to see the presentations and find out wether we are the lucky winners. I know what charities we are up against and i think it would be a clear run between ourselves and an autistic charity. Either way i am so proud of the girls for getting this far. it really helps get our name out there.

Still on a high from finding out we were going to see the presentations at Ardrossan Academy i sat up in bed this morning when an email came through my phone. it was a lovely email from a group of girls at Greenwood Academy (which is the nearest school to the LBOD drop in centre) who wanted to represent our charity to the Greenwood YPI. We are over the moon and hope to catch up with them soon. So January has been YPI month.



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