Christmas 2016

Well everyone i am so happy. Another christmas over and done with. Anxieties and exhaustion all round but i am sooooo glad its over for another year. I hope you all had a lovely time and spent it with the people who matter. I always find there is so much pressure at xmas.

Due to my ill health last week our drop in wasnt on and i feel terrible that it is this time of year people need it most and i wasnt able to open but i am being a good manager and opening on Wednesday 28th of december from 2pm to 5pm. Please come along if you need some support or even just a cuppa and a blether to unwind from all the hype that has been xmas. Trust me i will be there unwinding too.

Our Text care service is up and running and well im unsure of how its going as i have had no feedback. I have a few people on the TC list but no-one has replied with any problems or even to confirm they have received their message. If you want to know more about our Text Care service please check the page on our website.

Lately i have been doing my own type of therapy that i feel works during the night when i cant sleep. I call it Music Therapy. Now i know there are so many similar things out there but what i do is write the date, time started and time finished and all the songs i listened to on the back and on the front i doodle, draw and colour on the front. I then scan it in and place it in a folder on my personal facebook. I dont care if anyone looks at it but it just helps people to see what type of mood i am in as it is definately reflected in the songs i listen to and the pictures i draw and words i write. I will post more info on this on the distractions page.

Anyway i hope you all have a great time over the next week and i will catch up with you all in the new year. If you are struggling please join our facebook group for some support, competitions and resources. Search for “Little Box of Distractions Skills Group”.

Take Care


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