4 Days to go

We have 4 days left before we hold our open day. I am getting so excited now. most of the furniture is in, just waiting on the tv stand. We have the tv and dvd player up and running. The things for the boxes are stored in labelled drawers. There is Milk in the fridge and cakes on the counter not to mension a kettle ready to boil.

Today we went over and family visited to see where the place was. After receiving a phonecall to say they were lost i finally managed to direct them back to us. I fear this is going to be the problem in the near future with new service users. This is why on Thursday i plan to have the town covered in balloons and plenty of arrows saying “this way”.

We have been sort of test running it to see if we have everything we need. So far the only things we appear to not have are paper, pencils and pens. We have everything else it would appear. I mean how can people do crafts without paper??

Shelley and i got so comfy watching a dvd in a nice warm room that we didnt want to go outside to go home – now doesnt that tell you how comfy and cosy it is in these winter nights.

To start with we will be running on a monday evening from 5pm to 9pm. Please come along.



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