Happy 1st Birthday LBoD

Happy 1st Birthday to us. In a year we started with 10 boxes and aimed to help a total of 50 people. We have helped over 600. Wow! We have become a registered charity and raised more than £5000. We have had fundraisers and been published in many papers and magazines.


The boxes are made to help people who have mental health problems, to distract them from unhealthy thoughts an impulses. Items include colouring book, pencils, stress ball, hot chocolate, candles etc. They have proven to be a great tool to which you can build on and add other things that will help.


We have also got a move in date for our premises where we will run a drop in centre for people with mental health issues to come along, relax, meet new people and learn new skills. The address is 8 north vennel, bourtreehill, Ayrshire.  And we get the keys on the 11th November and possibly have an opening day in December.


Please help by donating to this amazing cause. Gofund.me/lbpremises


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