Chocolate Ban

Hi all. Guess what? I am giving up chocolate for October! oh my!

This is the first step to a healthier me and well why not get sponsored to do it? I might be more likely to get it done. Chocolate is a huge part of my life just now but i know that when i havnt eaten it for the few days the cravings lessen. Personally i think i am more of a cake person but i am not ready to give up cake just yet. Baby steps 🙂

I have 2 days to eat all the chocolate that i can. Basically make myself as sick as possible so that I turn my head at the thought of chocolate for the next month.

On another note we are no further forward with premises. I am feeling really disheartened by it all as i wanted it all up and running for the difficult time at xmas. Doesnt look like its going to be possible. If anyone has any premises in north ayrshire please let us know.

If you would like to sponsor my chocolate ban or even donate to our premises fund please go to



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