North Ayrshire Youth Bank

We would love to let you all know that the North Ayrshire Youth Bank have donated £1,000 to our cause. As we have a silly amount of boxes at the moment the money is going to our furniture and also somewhere to store the furniture while we wait on our premises getting ready.

YES!!! we are STILL waiting on the ok for the premises. It is getting pretty ridiculous now. We have been waiting months and i feel bad constantly chasing them up about it but i have now started looking at other premises. We cant wait forever. We need this drop in up and running desparately.

We hope to order a suite and some shelves and pick up a second hand TV, dvd player and games console.

Keep and eye out for our updates and remember you can donate at

On a personal note i would like to let you all know that i went to a meeting today to find out about becoming a See Me Community Champion. I hope this is the future for me but do not worry about the charity. It is my priority and i hope to link it into See Me in the future.

Thanks all.


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