I was fed up with so much stock sitting around my spare room that i thought i would make up some boxes with what i had. so yesterday i made up 27 boxes. I plan to make up the other 73 during the week. so i will have 100 sitting here ready in a nice neat pile and not have boxes, tubs and bags lying everywhere.

As i am sure most of you know we now give the boxes out completely free so people of a certain status (under 16s etc) it has turned out that 95% of our requests are from under 16s as you can imagine we are having to send a lot of boxes out completely free and trying to rely on donations (which to be honest arent really happening), and local grants.

We would like to urge you to donate to our cause to post these boxes out. You wouldnt believe the amount of under 16s that need these boxes. Donating £2.85 will let us post 1 box. each box costs around £9 to make and send. We are giving them out free. We are desparate for donations to post the boxes out.

you can donate at paypal.me/littlebox or gofund.me/littlebox

Thanks in advance


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