One to One Peer Support

Hi everyone.

I would just like to let you all know that i have started doing one to one peer support sessions with people located in North Ayrshire. While we are awaiting out premises being sorted the one to ones can be arranged for me to visit the persons house or meet somewhere such as a cafe etc.

If you are interested in receiving some peer support then please contact me at or call me on 07456664494.

We also offer support for family members of people who are struggling. We are aware that its not just the person who needs support but also the family too. Yet again if you are interested in this support please contact us on the email or phone number above.

During the one to one sessions you will be asked to fill in a general information form such as name, address, next of kin etc. This information will be kept strictly confidential. You will also receive a Little Box of Distractions on your first session and the more you come the more resources will become available.

One to one peer support is FREE

Take Care

Kerry Elliott
Project Manager


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