Distraction Skills Group

With us managing to secure some funding to allow us to go ahead with our distraction skills group it has meant we can start it now instead of in a few months time. Luckily we have managed to secure a hall for £2.50 an hour. We are using the hall for 2 hours every friday from 5.30-7.30pm at the ARGYLE CENTRE, SALTCOATS, AYRSHIRE.

The group is open to anyone who struggles with mental health issues and need to learn new coping and distraction skills when they are at home. It is also a chance to socialise and meet other people in the same situation.

We will try our best to provide the members with whatever they think will help. such as colouring book and pens, model kits, play doh, lego, books, arts and craft materials, and more.

It is a drop in so you dont need to come every week for the whole time. you can come for half an hour if you want, once a fortnight etc. It is person centred, it is your therapy.

We hope you can make it along.


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