We have held a meeting today and sorted out some things that needed touched up on. We have recently spoken to our local councellor and he raised a good few points about how we target people for the boxes. We obviously have to make the service available to everyone with mental health issues but the problem was that we would have people asking for a box when they dont require one, meaning that people who really need one would need to wait longer. We have come up with the solution of asking for the postage for the box. The postage is £3. The reason we ask for this is that it costs around £5 to make a free box and that £3 could go towards making another box instead of posting 1 box.

Our funders ask us how much of the project we fund ourselves through donations and fundraising. At the moment our percentage is really low and the funding wont pay out to cover a large percentage of our costs. We have to show them that we can sustain ourselves with as little help as possible. So the £3 postage is a big help to our percentage meaning we are more likely to get more funding therefor helping more people. Donating can go a long way.

In the near future we are going to be looking for councils and other services to throughout the UK to hold onto some boxes for us so that we can provide them for free and give people the address of their local pickup point.

If you would like to donate to help us please do so at



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