X-Mas is Coming

Hi Everyone,

1 Month today and it will be Christmas Day. I am really looking forward to spending my day with my Fiancee (our first xmas). I have spoilt her but i still cant stop buying. I see something and think “omg she would love it” and it gets bought.

I am lucky. I have family to spend x-mas with but others don’t. There are so many charities wanting to help people for christmas but it is all “help the kids” or “help the elderly” how about helping the people with mental health problems? Well that is where we come in. This year we hope to send out some xmas cards to our members who have donated. We would also like to send to people who havn’t donated too but funds wont allow. If we can raise £100 by Dec 5th i will personally hand write all of our xmas cards and send them out. i dont mind paying for the cards but stamps are expensive nowadays.

Please help people get boxes. Please help them get a christmas card from someone who cares.

please donate



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