One Month On

It has been nearly 1 month since i first started the project and i have been overwhelmed by everything. Within the first 24 hours i had over 200 likes on my facebook page. That was my first shock. My second shock came with the delivery of the first box to a local 11 year old girl who had started showing signs of self-harm. It brought home the memory of my own story of harming from the age of 14/15. More than half of my life this has taken over me.

In this first month we have raised over £400 of donations from friends, family and people donating to help with the project. At the beginning everyone got the same in their box whether they paid for it or not but somethings were holding up the boxes because i couldnt aquire them quick enough so i changed the boxes to a free basic box or a premium box with a lot more in it for a minimum donation of £5. Most people donated £10 and the money started mounting up. I cant believe i have raised so much.

On social media we have been retweeted numerous times and even by band 5 seconds of summer and scottish actress Laurie Brett (Jane Beale in Eastenders) who is a big inspiration of mine. So to have her retweet the project put me on cloud 9 for days. We have also been published on a few websites.

In other media we have been talking with local papers and we will be in the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald next Wednesday 11th of November

We have had a request from a few charities to buy numerous boxes for their service users so i am just sorting that out as well as having made up 10 boxes last night and slowly getting them posted over the next week.

I currently have a friend helping me sort out a raffle to raise yet more funds.

If you would like to donate please click the link on the menu bar.


3 thoughts on “One Month On

  1. Hello,
    I just heard about your scheme – what a super idea – via and plan to promote your fund raising page on my Twitter account. I’m not on Facebook, is there any other way to receive a box?
    Best wishes, hsol.


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