Charity Number: SCO46689


Do you know someone who self-harms or has unhealthy impulses that needs help to distract themselves from acting on those impulses?

We are providing little boxes of distractions, each box is unique but most will provide the same sort of things.
These boxes cost around £8 to make each and £3 to post but we are offering them for FREE but we appreciate any donations to help with our costs.

The box provides a selection of things someone could use to distract themselves from acting on the impulses of things such as Self-Harm, drinking, drugs, smoking and other impulsive unhealthy behaviours. Find out more about what is in the box in the About section.

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Please remember that relapsing is ok and you are not a failure if you do relapse. The Aim of the box is to stop the thoughts as much as possible. even if it stops those thoughts 5 out of 10 times thats 5 times less you have harmed. I am going to be selling top up cups in the future for a small price and topping up things like the fun snaps and hot chocolate etc. I want to provide a continuous service for people and not just throw them a box and hope it cures things. I am realistic, i have been there. Its not a cure but its a distraction.